We recently got a question which battery pack or power bank we would recommend for using with the Igaro D2 USB power converter and Dynamo Hub. A very good question.
Our best suggestion at the moment comes from Igaro themselves and could save you a lot of time and effort in researching and testing devices. So instead of you going out and buying a bunch of power banks yourself, they did that for you. And after testing several units on our test-rig we can now highly recommend the TNTOR 5000 mAh Ultra Mini USB C Power Bank this power-bank for the Igaro D2. The chip inside it constantly adjusts for the available dynamo power which makes it an ideal choice. We found it at Amazon, but we could imagine you would like to get it elsewhere.
The weight of this power bank is just 91 gram and we take two on our trips so we can easily charge our phone and something like our headlamp if we are in need. You should also be able to use it with pass through charging while riding, but we haven’t tested that to full extend.

Furthermore we have some good experience with the MI.com 10.000 mAh Power Bank with USB C and micro USB input and two output ports. You can find the item here and it is available at a lot of big stores. https://store.mi.com/in/item/3203800025
It is a bit more heavy and sturdy than the TNTOR, but really packs a punch with big output power for quick charging.

Best power bank for IGARO D2

  • TNTOR 5000 mAh Ultra Mini USB C Power Bank
  • MI.com 10.000 mAh Power Bank with USB C

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