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These ultralight drawstring stuff sacks are built with the lightest available ECOPAK fabric called DTRS75. Seams are taped for increased weather resistance. The only place water can enter is through the small cinch top enclosure. For better weather resistance use our dry bags. Stuff sacks are great when used correctly because they compress down inside your pack allowing air to leave through the cinch top. Dry bags hold their air and take up more space. It’s a trade off.


  • DTRS75 is very comparable in weight to 1.43 Dyneema. This stuff is strong and tough. With an abrasion layer on the outside and a waterproofing layer in the inside.
  • It’s a hybrid fabric using both recycled and new materials in its construction.
  • Seams are taped for extreme weather proofness.


  • 4.75″x 6.5″ Small (0.30 oz) 0.6 Liters
  • 7.5″x 11.5″ Medium (0.55 oz) 2.5 Liters
  • 9.5″x 13.5″ Large (0.77 oz) 4.5 Liters
  • 11.5″x 17″ Jumbo (1.07 oz) 9.5 Liters
  • 13″x20″ Jumbo PLUS (1.37oz) 15.5 Liters


  • Small: Stoves, Toiletries and small items
  • Medium: A shirt, socks and other light weather clothing
  • Large: Mid layer, shirts, socks and other light weight Clothing
  • Jumbo: Winter clothes, Lightweight quilt 50 to 20 degree range
  • Jumbo Plus: 30 to -20 Degree Lightweight Quilt

Stuff Sack SIZES For Quilts

  • 50 Degree Quilts down to 20 Degree Quilts use the “Jumbo” Stuff Sack. Lighter quilts will allow extra room for clothes.
  • 30 Degrees Quilts down to -20 Quilts use the “Jumbo Plus”. Lighter quilts will allow extra room for clothes.
  • Watch this video on dry bag and stuff sack sizes


  • Two year warranty. Like all our handmade gear… Have a problem? Send it back for repair or replacement. No questions asked. We proudly stand behind our products.


  • Purchase will confidence. If you purchase these are they end up not fitting your needs you an always return them for a 100% refund.

Where it’s made
Made right here in the USA by by Hilltop Packs in Waynesburg PA.

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